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This week sees the launch of the Jubilee Hour Project where people will be asked to volunteer 60 minutes of their time to help others in their community, in commemoration of the Queen’s 60 year Diamond Jubilee.

Whether it be painting the neighbour's gate or helping the homeless, all we ask is that you, your family, group or business, volunteer an hour of civic, charitable or local community work.

The Jubilee Hour enables everyone in the United Kingdom to gift one hour in celebration of Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee. Created by John O’Brien, who is leading the Prince of Wales’s Pakistan Recovery Fund, this is a simple idea that is not about giving money, it is about time. Over 1,000,000 hours have been pledged so far.

It will cost you nothing to be involved. Your ‘gift of time’ can be used in a variety of ways; to help a charity, a neighbour or the local community – whatever you want. Families can do things together, so can streets, communities, businesses or clubs.

Mr. O’Brien said: “The idea originally came from a friend of mine in South Africa where they had a similar scheme to honour Nelson Mandela.
“The idea of encouraging people to volunteer 60 minutes of their time to celebrate the Queen’s 60 years on the throne seemed and obvious way of doing something in this country.”

Larger organisations can use it to mobilise and involve their people around an idea or passion of their choice or a current charitable activity - at any time during the year. All we ask is for you to join us in recognising Her Majesty’s service by giving a bit yourself.

Register and pledge your hour at –

Afterwards you simply upload text, pictures and videos of how you used the hour.

Some ideas include:
• Getting a group together to tidy a section of beach or parkland;
• Organising a local community concert or sporting event; or
• Visiting an elderly neighbour and arranging to cut their lawn.

However, if you want to be involved – but just not sure how – simply register your interest on the website: and you’ll be put in contact with events happening in your local area.


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