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Online Ordering – a new system to revolutionise sandwich bars, cafés, delis and restaurants and add value to the bottom line.

Last year an exciting online ordering system was launched at SHOP Exhibition in the RDS. Eat-Smart was singled out as a finalist in the category ‘Best Retail Trade Product’. Eat-Smart is a new ordering platform for sandwich bars, cafés, delis and contract caterers. It is designed to encourage customers to place their lunch-time sandwich order from their computer, tablet or smart phone – EVERY DAY. Eat-Smart is a web-based app which allows maximum ordering convenience. Food can be ordered online and prepared for collection at a specified time. This saves customers precious minutes during lunch break. The promise of “no queuing” means that customers buy into the convenience. It also means that retailers benefit both from a new commercial retail technique and a time saving initiative - the rewards are obvious.

Eat-Smart is an online ordering system designed as an aid to better planning and kitchen management. Customers are encouraged to place their sandwich order first thing each day to allow earlier food preparation. This makes better use of down time. But the benefits don’t stop there. Customers can either pre-pay or pay cash on collection. Either way, ordering online means increased efficiencies with even more customers being served during peak periods - and all without employing more staff. Eat-Smart works in sandwich bars, delis as well as restaurants both large and small. It also complements and integrates with existing till systems and established payment processes.

But here’s the clever bit; Eat-Smart is not just an efficient ordering system, it’s a means to create new revenue streams and boost customer retention. The secret weapons of Eat-Smart are its interface with Social Media and Email Marketing. Through email marketing prospects are made aware of today’s deals and what’s in store today – sandwich specials, next day menus, meal deals, promotional offers – even customer favourites etc. At the same time Facebook connects with and engages customers. It makes them aware of the new ordering system and the benefit it offers. Both functions add value to the product with an immediate upturn in new custom every week.

Eat-Smart is an online ordering revolution and like any great idea it’s simple. This is both an inexpensive and instant way to bring added value to the lunchtime trade. It is widely recognised that online ordering is taking a big slice out of the retail food market. Eat-Smart is the smart way to unlock the profit potential of the sandwich bar, café or deli market.

It’s good to know that the lunchtime queue is a thing of the past.

For details contact Robert Hood 07876 597 993 at Taltus Media Partners, 99 High Street, Holywood BT18 9AG


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