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Shred it


Compliance with international recycling standards could leave businesses at risk from identity theft, financial loss, data breaches and fines of up to £500,000 from the Information Commissioners Office.

With the increase in businesses recycling and trying to reduce their carbon footprint, many are choosing to recycle their confidential paper and electronic information using a recycling service that does not cater for the secure disposal of confidential documents.

"In reality there is a significant risk to businesses that do not securely shred their information before it is disposed and ultimately recycled," said Keith Pryde, Regional Sales Manager, Shred-it Northern Ireland.

"Many organisations have found, to their cost, proper disposal of documents is a prerequisite and requires supervised on-site destruction. Businesses are being encouraged to recycle their paper at work, however little or no thought is given to what happens to confidential information left in an unlocked recycling bin. More often than not confidential information is regularly found in unlocked recycling bins," he added.

Shred-it has been reducing waste and helping the environment since the company began in 1989. Today Shred-it shreds and recycles more than 520 thousand tonnes of paper each year, worldwide. At the end of the year, every client receives a Certificate of Environmental Accomplishment outlining their contribution and showing how their paper shredding is helping to save the environment.

Our green commitment goes beyond paper:

• A greener fleet – Our trucks are designed for lower emissions and fuel consumption.
• An eye to the future – We're now utilising more fuel-efficient trucks and auto-shutdown technology to further reduce emissions.
• Green Consoles – We practice what we preach. So even your security containers are built with 100% recycled-wood particle board.

A workplace commitment to recycling is a positive step towards reducing your carbon footprint – but if you're not doing it securely; your good intentions could lead to loss, theft or other security breaches. With Shred-it, we make sure every piece of paper gets recycled, but we also ensure that it stays secure from the time it leaves your hands to the moment it is destroyed.


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