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Bubbacue chef

Colin McSherry, Bubbacue Chef

American BBQ joint, Bubbacue, launched at the end of November, to bring the foodies of Belfast a taste of slow-cooking from the deep South.

The pop up eatery, open for 3 months only, is tucked away on Callender Street in the heart of Belfast's city centre. Bubba's has a laid back, rough and ready feel where emphasis is placed on the long, slow smoking of pork, ribs, brisket and wings coupled with hearty American sides and desserts.

The classic American BBQ uses smoke to flavour and tenderize meat, cooking it at a low temperature over a long period of time. Bubbacue has embraced the art of this relaxed American tradition, with chefs hand smoking brisket and pork for over 15 hours to achieve mouth-wateringly tender results. Sides such as slaw, mac and cheese, fries and homemade potato chips have all been developed to be the ultimate in comfort food on a dreary winter's day.

John Blisard from Bubbacue says, "We have spent a lot of time perfecting the way the meat is marinated, developing the side dishes and sourcing authentic desserts to give people the real taste of true American BBQ. The whole atmosphere of the restaurant is relaxed and laid back, we want customers to feel comfortable and well-fed, just like they would if they were at a leisurely family food gathering.

The restaurant will only be open for three months for now and fortunately we have been very lucky to have had lots of people come down and try the food out already. All feedback is welcome and customers have been letting us know what they love and what they would like to see on the menu. The slow and smokey concept seems to be going down well, it's something I have missed having moved to Northern Ireland from the US and I'm glad people seem to be enjoying this American home comfort."

For more information on bubbacue visit or follow @bubbacuebelfast on Twitter.


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