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Jon Robson (centre) with NYSE's Claire McIntyre and Digital DNA's Gareth Quinn.

Northern Ireland's reputation as a hotbed of innovation for capital markets technology is spreading amongst international companies, according to the CEO of NYSE Technologies.

Speaking at the Digital DNA conference in Titanic Belfast, Robson said "key elements" of the software platform NYSE uses to deliver electronic trading solutions globally are built in Belfast.

The city was "emerging as a centre of excellence for digital technology" and NYSE was proud to be a part of that, the CEO added.

He later told Ulster Business that Invest NI had developed a "compelling" model for FDI and he expected more global financial companies and investment banks to consider setting up here.

"I think there is a growing understanding and there have been people building capital markets technology here for 30 years so the brand is actually pretty strong. As we bring customers here, as we bring large multinational banks through here to look at what we do, I'm sure they go home thinking, actually that's not a bad idea for us," he said.

"So we're bringing not only manufacturers of capital markets capability into the region but also the consumers of that are coming to see it and you're going to start to see banks wanting to start putting infrastructure here as well," added Mr Robson.

"We certainly advise anyone who looks at it that our experience has been good. It's a competitive market and, like anything in life, you've got to show up. I think Northern Ireland, with Invest Northern Ireland, has shown up."

Mr Robson also said NYSE Technologies – the technology arm of NYSE Euronext, the operator of stock exchanges including the New York Stock Exchange – intends to keep growing its business in the province.

"We have grown from 60 people to just over 300 and it is a very productive facility. We use it very broadly across the business so I think yes, we are going to continue to invest in Northern Ireland and bring important work to Belfast," he said.

"Certainly the customer demand for what we have is growing every day. Customers are demanding more and more capability and the best place for us to innovate in response to that is right here."


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