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Smart Business Show 29 & 30 May 2014

In 1998 the average Google searches per day was 9,800. By 2013 this figure had exploded to 5,922,000,000, an overwhelming endorsement of Google's dominance in the search engine industry. In fact, Google accounts for around seventy per cent of all web searches in the world and has done so for a decade. The influence of Google is colossal and set to grow further with the introduction of Google Glass, Maps, Google+ and most recently Nest. The future of digital is Google coloured. To be really successful, your website needs to be on the first page of search results. Achieving that is the holy grail of every business.

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is thus critical to running a marketing campaign that delivers results. Essentially, SEO is how you improve your company's website position on the Google search result pages; the higher your site appears in the search results, the greater the traffic to your page and therefore, more business.

The power of digital campaigns is not just a business phenomenon. Take the last US election. Obama trained his guns towards digital and reaped the rewards. He identified the importance of Google and how this could help him win the election, using data analytics was the key to success. Digital agency EngageDC found 'every aspect of the campaign,' from the digital team to boots-on-the-ground field organisers used analytics to work smarter. One telling statistic is that Obama's overall analytics team was five times bigger in 2012 than it was in 2008.

Now, for the first time, Northern Irish businesses can get real guidance from the experts on the Google Webmaster Team. They will be on the ground in person in a specially built 'Google Site Clinic' within the Smart Business Show from where they will be providing personal advice on features such as PPC (Pay Per Click) AdWords, SEO and many more.

AV specialists, NIAVAC, will be working with the Google team to provide a truly interactive and spectacular experience with a huge 65" touch screen display offering the opportunity for everyone watching to pick up the experts' tips and advice. The clinic is bound to be massively popular so register for your FREE tickets to the show and be there early to put your business on the front page with the help of the Google Web Support Team.

It could be your smartest move! Whether you’ve started a new business or are part of a large corporation, there will be something useful at this show for you – and probably a lot more than you ever imagined.

Social media – cloud technology – digital marketing – web advertising – ecommerce – mobile communications – CRM sales systems – be inspired by our Keynote Theatre speakers and discover new ideas in our TalkZone/Seminars.

You can register for your FREE ticket on using promo code "ULB3"


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