Posted on Thursday 13 August 2015 by Ulster Business

Hotel prices jump in august

The price of a hotel room in Belfast has jumped by a quarter in the last year, according to price comparison website Trivago.

It said the average price of a room in the city stood at £105 in August, a 24% jump from the £85 commanded by hoteliers at the same time last year.

The website's monthly hotel price index tallies up the prices paid through the its service and, although accounting for only a proportion of total hotel bookings, rings true with other surveys which show the Belfast market proving increasingly popular with leisure and business travellers alike.

In its Northern Ireland hotel survey for the whole of 2014 released in July, ASM said the average price of a room across the country stood at £70.78, a 4% increase on the £68.17.

It also noted a stronger market in Belfast compared to that for hotels elsewhere.

While the August holiday month is traditionally one of the busiest and therefore the most expensive for hoteliers, the strong performance will be welcomed.

In terms of other UK cities, Oxford also saw prices at its hotels climb by 24% over the year but it was only Sheffield and Nottingham where prices climbed faster than Belfast.

Edinburgh commands the highest hotel price for August at £207, according to the survey, thought to be a result of the Edinburgh Festival, while Blackpool the lowest at £65.

The average price for a night in all UK cities stands at £124 for the month.


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