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Shot of local love

 David Pattison with Philip Mills from Johnsons Coffee

The Johnson family have been roasting coffee sourced from around the world for the last century but not once have they had the luxury of using home-grown beans; until now.

In a collaboration with horticulturalist David Pattison from landscape designers Plantations, Johnsons Coffee will soon be harvesting what is believed to be the first-ever Arabica coffee grown in Northern Ireland.

Mr Pattison has nurtured over a dozen of the plants in Lisburn, replicating the conditions found in equatorial regions such as Brazil, Vietnam and Columbia.

Although not a long-term plan, the prospect of producing the first cup of Northern Ireland-grown coffee was a big draw for Johnsons, according to Sales Director Philip Mills.

“We have replicated the growing conditions tp allow us to produce and roast coffee grown right here in Northern Ireland,” he said. “We’re really looking forward to producing and tasting our very own home grown cup of Johnsons Coffee.”

He said the experience and education gained from the project has offered an insight into the journey a coffee bean makes from field to cup.

The company has encouraged staff from local coffee shops, restaurants and hotels to become learn how the process works.

David Pattison said growing the coffee had been an interesting challenge, especially

“replicating the climatic conditions, with temperature, humidity and light all being important factors that need to be considered.

“I am very pleased that the plants are all very healthy and I am sure in time there will bear fruit and produce good coffee beans.”


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