Posted on Thursday 17 December 2015 by Ulster Business

Cost of christmas dinner drops

The cost of a good old-fashioned Christmas dinner in Northern Ireland will be cheaper this year after a fall in the price of some of the key trimmings, according to commodity analysts Mintec.

Its Christmas Dinner Index showed that you’ll save 1% on the annual feast, mostly as a result of a big drop in the price of pork.

Given ham and the now ubiquitous “pigs in blankets” (sausages wrapped in bacon) make up a big chunk of the meal, the 13% fall in pork prices has more than made up for a 1% price hike for the centre piece turkey and a 10% jump in the price of vegetables, Mintec’s report said.

It said early stocking by early stocking demand for turkey and concerns over avian fly help push the price of turkey higher over the year while adverse weather conditions have all vegetables higher apart from potatoes, which have suffered from falling demand.

The classic Christmas vegetable, the Brussel sprout, has climbed 7% in price over the year.

Meanwhile, Christmas crackers should end up costing less this year as a result of a fall in the price of paper and pulp, the main products they are made from.

Paper prices have fallen 4% over the year while ‘virgin’ pulp is down 11%.

But gorging on chocolate over Christmas will be considerably more expensive given its raw materials, cocoa powder and cocoa butter, are up 30% and 11% respectively.

Cocoa prices have risen due to lower production in the main producing regions, in addition to adverse weather delaying the current harvest, Mintec said.


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