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Kenny calls for closer cross border  economic cooperation

Taoiseach Enda Kenny pictured at Cpl’s new Belfast offices with Anne Hearty co-founder and CEO of Cpl Resources Plc,  John Hennessy and Áine Brolly, CEO, Cpl Northern Ireland.

The Irish government and Northern Ireland Executive need work more closely together to grow the economy across the island of Ireland, Taoiseach Enda Kenny has said.

On a visit to Belfast to visit recruitment company Cpl’s new offices, Mr Kenny said it was in the interests of both administrations that economies on both sides of the border grow and that working together to win business made sense.

Mr Kenny’s comments came just ahead of the referendum vote on the UK’s membership of the European Union and bolster the Taoiseach’s previous assertion that it would be better for both Northern Ireland and the Republic if a Remain vote ensues.

“Ireland-wide cooperation will enhance the opportunities for businesses on both sides of the border with the private sector of both of our economies focused around agri-food, IT, STEM, manufacturing, engineering and finance and professional services,” he said.

“Working in partnership with the NI Executive, we look forward to enhancing the opportunities for businesses to generate employment and strengthen growth on both sides of the border and we are committed to helping companies, such as Cpl, which are working across the island Ireland to flourish.”

He said his government is keen to work together to win foreign direct investment for the whole island.

“It is crucial for the Irish Government and the NI Executive to engage with the private sector in order to stimulate both economies and a successful partnership which encourages FDI across the island will be important to this,” he said. “We have pioneered joint trade missions which benefit both economies and encourage FDI across the island and we are committed to growing and developing this partnership.”

Cpl is headquartered in Dublin and is expanding its presence in Northern Ireland with the new Belfast office where it recently announced 10 new jobs.

 Cpl’s Northern Ireland CEO Áine Brolly welcomed the Taoiseach to Belfast.

“As a company that works across a wide range of business sectors across the island of Ireland we have great insights and intelligence on areas of both economies that are growing and those that need support and we welcome the opportunity to engage with political leaders North and South to outline these opportunities and challenges.”  


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