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Imagine a world where informed holistic careers advice is the norm.

Imagine a world where a single platform provides consistent and personalised careers and employment advice to students in a way that educates them on the myriad of academic routes and potential opportunities, and advises them of the right path to secure roles with their chosen employer.

Imagine a world where a destination ecosystem connects school children with educational institutions, and ultimately employers; while simultaneously establishing an analytics driven approach to defining the current and future trends in the labour market..

“Wishful thinking,” you might say, but PwC are ticking all those boxes with a new careers platform currently under development which promises to transform the pathway from classroom to boardroom by utilizing, in fact, some blue sky thinking

It has emerged, as every good idea should, from a number of very strong needs.

A need from students for improved careers and training advice and a need from employers for a more targeted and accurate manner in which to influence and find talent, not to mention a number of needs in between from education providers and government.

Of particular importance is the latter’s need to level the employment playing field for people from all socio-economic backgrounds

PwC’s careers platform will address  those needs by providing an easily accessible and ongoing information exchange from employers to students and from students to employers.

Students who sign up to the platform build a profile based their likes, dislikes, academic preferences and even current career aspirations, and this profile connects with a digital wallet of achievement built on the Blockchain technology that could replace all existing paper based achievements of today. It will allow them to record all curricular and non curricular achievements contributing to an achievement based society, cognisant of the growing trend of self-learning particularly in the digital skills arena.

The content of the wallet cannot be fraudulently altered by any party and all changes are preserved and auditable, security which does away with the costly and slow process of relying on hard copy degree or A Level certificates, and provides each student with a globally transferable digital record of their achievements.

The platform will put them through a psychometric test and uses it - along with analysis of the other information in the file – to suggest a career which is best suited to their skills, one which may be completely different to the original choice.

It can give them an idea of salary, of career progression and of how competitive the field is in their chosen location, even going so far as to provide short on-the-job videos to offer an insight into the day-to-day experience.

This means that before embarking on a course aimed at their specific career, students can be fully aware of course content, a fact which means the reality doesn’t come as a shock and drop-out rates are sharply reduced, a big cost saving for universities and further education colleges and, further down the line, for employers.

As the profile builds, the students get to see which employers are looking at them, how they compare in their chosen sector to their peers and how they can improve their employability.

For their part, employers get to see students who have skills and achievements which match their requirements from an early stage.

It can provide employers with early access to talent and provides a holistic view of the talent which is not restricted to academic achievement, but a wider, more rounded picture.

To give an example of how important such an insight is, PwC as a large  employer expect people to have a degree for the graduate positions, however it is the  the non-curricular achievements which allow students to stand out.

In the past, a 15 year-old student, a large employer and a regional college or university were all faced with a myriad of ways to search, decide and connect with one another, but there has never been a single platform which does all three.

We are creating it.

Imagine that. 


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