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Focus business tells stormont

A group consisting of business bodies, representatives from the community and voluntary sector and other members of civic society take an open letter to Stormont calling for a return to devolved government

The Northern Ireland business community has joined together to urge politicians here to focus on resolving the current stalemate at Stormont despite the emergence of a general election.

They said the Prime Minister’s decision to go to the polls on June 8th shouldn’t get in the way of talks aimed at forming a new Executive and reiterated their call for the reestablishment of a devolved administration.

A spokesperson from CBI Northern Ireland said it is “vital the general election does not slow efforts to form a strong, well-functioning, devolved government in Northern Ireland.”

It called for direction from politicians.

“Political stability and economic prosperity go hand-in-hand, so businesses want clarity from the government on how the General Election will impact the prospects for a swift resolution to the current political and budgetary situation at Stormont.”

The comments come after a group consisting of business bodies, representatives from the community and voluntary sector and other members of civic society such as universities and membership organisations joined together to take an open letter to Stormont urging a return to devolved government.

The unprecedented move, which revealed the urgency needed for political stability and the frustration at the current stalemate from all corners of society, laid the responsibility firmly at politicians’ front door.

“Today the voice of business and civic society join together with one message,” the letter said. “Together our organisations represent hundreds of thousands of people across all religions, backgrounds and sectors.

“We unequivocally state that the best way forward for everyone in Northern Ireland is through a local power-sharing government which is built upon a desire to maintain our peace process, demonstrate respect to all communities and deliver compromise where needed.”

The letter pulled no punches it’s backing for devolution.

“Business and civic society are today directly asking local politicians to find a way forward for creating a power-sharing government that works for all the people of Northern Ireland. Our future can only be a shared one.

“It is only through local government that we can guarantee peace, attract investment and deliver job creation and social progress for this small region. We remind local politicians that they have a duty to their electorate to pursue the best way forward for everyone residing in this region.” 


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