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Ian Megahey

Ian Megahey of Barclay Digital Services tells Ulster Business about the telecoms firm’s rapid expansion, disrupting the market, and landing top end customers

Ian Megahey doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to stating the company’s goals of disrupting and taking the telecoms market by storm.

Director for Barclay Digital Services is helping to lead the Belfast-based company through expansion and improving product lines while picking up major blue-chip clients along the way.

Customer experience is at the heart of their business and its latest product, a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solution, provides evidence of this.

VoIP is in essence, the future of workplace telephony, with calls going through a high speed broadband connection rather than traditional copper lines. By 2025 the market has been advised that traditional analogue lines will be a thing of the past, especially as so many organisations have already started to embrace this new technology.

Barclay Digital Services’ other core products include its unique mobile offering and WorkPal – the firm’s mobile workflow management system which has been designed and developed in-house.

“I have been working hard to expand our products, while simultaneously ensuring they are not only a fundamental need for clients now, but also in the future. This was an important strategy for us as a business. In order to be disruptive I believe you need to be market leading and future proof,” Ian says.

“At present there are three main product offerings from Barclay Digital Services – mobile, Barclay VoIP and WorkPal, and we are very proud of each of these products.

“When we decided on each product we took our time to ensure that an aggressive price was matched with an impeccable product and dedicated support.

“In a very short period of time we have surpassed our own growth target while picking up several of Northern Ireland’s top 100 companies along the way. A welcomed bonus for the business.

“The key reasons for this, we believe, are our ability to provide much more spending control for our customers, new pricing matrices along with predicting and preventing potential overspend by utilising new technology,” Ian says.

“What I love most is our ability to offer customers single billing across various products, however, what has really impressed clients is the level of control we can now put into their hands by allowing them to set usage alerts or limits, change networks mid contract, ensure calls across both landline and mobile aren’t missed via twinning technology, whilst speeding up their remote workers daily routine via innovative software.”

“Having your own portal that allows you to do this has been well received. Giving customers training by a hugely experienced team supporting all aspects or needs continues to be the heartbeat of what we offer.”

The company boasts customers from right across the world of business, from very small or start-ups to some of the largest firms in Northern Ireland.

With Barclay Digital Services’ new VoIP solution, the company remain ahead of the curve. Ian stated that the company sees further potential with 5G technology being rolled out in 2020, vastly improving speed across several products.

“58% of UK workers seek remote working opportunities at present, therefore it’s clear that 5G will be a huge aspect of the remote comms toolkit, so watch this space,” says Ian.

“We see more and more businesses focused on digital transformation, actively looking at new ways to unify their communication platforms, seeking benefits that include scalability, high quality such as HD audio calling, unified messaging across devices whilst having the power to make changes remotely and easily without being tied to a single location”

“Unified has been talked about a lot, but I genuinely feel 2018 has been a year where customers have taken notice of what it can do for them – where voice, instant messaging, email, text and social are all brought together to make business communication highly collaborative and totally connected via a single workflow.”

This new solution works across a range of platforms that include Windows, Mac and mobile having simple integration with major CRM products (such as Microsoft dynamics, salesforce or tapi driver) and Outlook.

“Changing the way people do things to make them faster and more efficient all through a single bill isn’t us re-inventing the wheel but our products and how we support them is what makes us unique. Our VoIP product is a much more sustainable solution than many other providers currently on the market.”

“Our diversification not only comes from our product range but also from the customer experience we offer. The team has acquired vast experience across all our products. It is key for us to ensure we are specialists in all our customer needs. A huge plus for us is to have a team of engineers based at our offices, giving the customer a hand held experience from start to finish, through site survey, system build meet, full system testing environment, install and training onsite when going live.”

“We want to not only offer the best price or the best products and stop there. We have to offer the best service and provide more control to our customers to truly stand out for many years to come.”

Ian says the strength resides through the team with its innovative and forward thinking mentality. “We developed WorkPal from scratch by listening to our customers – we built exactly what they needed. We understood the mobile market had become stale and decided we wanted to offer something truly different. Along with understanding the huge potential in VoIP and having a stable and resilient system, being critical and at the front of what we do feels like the winning formula.”

But the company isn’t standing still and it’s looking to the future with product expansion and build.

“As long as we can remain innovative, encompass a strong pricing structure across a range of products and provide our customers with an unrivalled service experience, then we will continue to be disruptive in positive ways.


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