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David Meade, the renowned international keynote speaker and broadcaster who runs David Meade Events, on creating one of Northern Ireland’s most exciting success stories

Whether it’s winning a million dollars from a Las Vegas casino (and handing it back) or being mistaken for a numerologist and receiving hate mail for allegedly predicting the end of the world, David Meade has had an eventful few years.

Which makes it even more impressive that, in that time, he’s also managed to start and scale up one of the great business success stories in Northern Ireland, David Meade Events.

Known for his skills as a mentalist and speaker, David also runs the company which delivers cutting-edge corporate events, learning and development workshops, and offers keynote speaking services. It has achieved double figure growth every year since its establishment in 2012 working not only in UK and Irish markets, but also internationally.

Asked how he had diversified into events and keynote speaking from being an on-stage mentalist, David says:

“I’ve actually been delivering events and keynote speeches very successfully in the UK and Ireland for a number of years, but I suppose most people know me for my tours and the more corporate side of my business was lesser known.

“I moved into this space roughly seven years ago because I love inspiring and motivating people and it was a natural move to work with companies who want to inspire their teams to be innovative and the best they can be.”

David believes there are even more opportunities outside our region and this year the company is investing over £250,000 to take advantage of them. This includes investing in new video learning services, enabling people to access David’s bespoke training services remotely, from wherever they are in the world.

“Over the last number of years, the company has grown at a phenomenal rate and this latest investment was a no-brainer because we simply had to respond to that growth.”

David says: “We are still based in Northern Ireland, but there is a huge untapped market that we want to explore further. The world is getting smaller because of technology and we want to meet the challenge and work with people all across the globe. So far in 2019 we have contracts in 10 countries, including Dubai, Singapore and Switzerland and many more are in the pipeline.”

David’s list of international clients reads like a who’s who of the biggest and most impressive organisations in the world including Apple, Harvard, Mercedes Benz, Adobe, Bank of America, Coca-Cola, British Airways and Canon. David attributes his company’s success and ability to attract such high-level clients to its ability to adapt and innovate in response to the market.

“If the uncertainty of today’s marketplace teaches us anything, it’s that you must evolve and that’s what we’re doing – keeping up with the ever-changing market and meeting the ever-increasing demands, both in Northern Ireland and across the globe.”

One of the company’s most exciting innovations has been the development of a bespoke in-house video production studio. This has greatly enhanced its capacity to produce media projects for its clients. Allowing clients to access the bespoke training remotely means the firm can compete all over the globe.

This view of the company, as competing on an international stage, is a vital part of David’s approach to business and informs the business decisions he makes, including this recent quarter of a million-pound investment. He explains “The investment in our video learning service means we can deliver training to clients in any corner of the world, at any time. Thinking of ourselves as part of a global economy, rather than just the Northern Ireland economy has been key to shifting the company up a gear.”

He has grown to a team of 10 and this year the company is expected to achieve a turnover of £2m, an impressive milestone for any company but something David considers not a destination or even a point to slow down, but simply a platform to push on to bigger and better things.

“As the company continues to thrive and grow every year, I find myself looking at new and innovative ways to keep up with demand. Hitting that £2m milestone will be energising and whilst I’m proud of the work my team have done here, I’m already thinking ‘OK, what’s next?’ With this investment, our ability to evolve and the international demand for the services we provide, there’s so much more we can do.”


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