Posted on Friday 26 April 2019 by John Mulgrew

Bomba 1

Eight part-Belfast built passenger jets have made up more than 300 UK aircraft deliveries in the first quarter of the year, new figures show.

There were eight Airbus/Bombardier A220 jets as part of the deliveries at the start of the year, according to aerospace body ADS.

Manufacturers delivered 311 aircraft in the first quarter of 2019, including 88 wide-bodies aircraft to match a record set in 2015.

“The total deliveries from January to March this year are worth up to an estimated £6.5bn to UK industry, while the global industry’s total order backlog of 14,107 aircraft could be worth up to £215bn to our economy as they are produced in the coming years,” it says.

“ADS has forecasted another new record being set this year, ahead of the production mark of 1,618 aircraft set in 2018.”

And ADS chief executive Paul Everitt, said: “The aerospace industry has set its sights on another record year for aircraft production, fuelled by strong international demand for modern, technologically advanced and fuel-efficient aircraft.

“Production has so far kept pace with a record 2018, but global challenges are generating headwinds for the global aviation and aerospace industries. In Europe, Brexit uncertainty is increasing supply chain costs, international trade disputes risk new tariffs and cost-conscious travellers are challenging airline profitability.

“We expect another year of impressive aircraft production by historical standards, but the sector’s ambitious targets for 2019 set a stiff test for the global industry.”




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