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In the last few years, commercial businesses have considered in great detail the question of employee reward. Analysis of both the financial and non-financial elements has taken place to ensure attraction and retention of talent, writes Justin Rush

Unfortunately, accurate salary and benefit information from the local marketplace has often been unavailable, therefore making the process of comparison and benchmarking quite difficult.

For that reason, the team at Abacus Careers undertook its biggest and most wide-ranging salary and benefits survey to date. In the first quarter of 2019, the team personally surveyed 1,000 locally based professionals to obtain their viewpoints.  

The survey sample included senior management, mid-level and support staff. Great attention was placed on ensuring an even as possible male/female split in the sample.  

Ultimately, 493 female respondents and 507 males respondents were surveyed. Gender differences still remain pronounced in some sectors; such as IT where 77% of the sample are male and HR where 84% are female.

Overall, 200 respondents were in accountancy, 250 in financial services, 150 in legal, 200 in IT, and 200 in HR, sales, marketing and support.

The results from their confidential survey responses have allowed the Belfast-based recruitment firm to produce 21 industry-specific salary survey reports, covering 60 individual job titles and one overview report. The overview provides sector by sector comparisons and highlights some interesting findings relating to gender pay differences, benefits available and age demographics.

Some interesting findings include:
■ 73% of all respondents expected a basic pay increase in 2019
■ 52% of all respondents have access to flexible working options
■ £2,326 is the average expected pay increase from all those surveyed

The survey results are able to highlight to readers the sectors and jobs which gained pay increases in the last year, and by how much. Interestingly, you can also review the responses which indicate expectations for a basic pay increase in the year ahead per job title and sector. Something no other survey provides.

The free downloadable reports can be found on

Justin Rush is managing director at the Abacus Talent Group and can be found on


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