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Name: Jannine Waddell MBE

Position: Managing director at Waddell Media

My alarm goes off and I instantly check the weather (I love the sunshine) and have a quick look at emails that have come in overnight. I respond to some and leave others until I’m at my office.

After I have listened to the news headlines on Radio 4 I get out of bed. First task is to let the dogs Arthur and Stella out. Then I’m like a cyclone raging around the house making sure two teenage boys (and husband) are showered and dressed as we all have to be out of the house by 8am.

I force myself to get to the gym and twice a week, I train with my personal trainer Curtis. I prefer to get my sessions out of the way at the start of the day as I just couldn’t face the gym in the evening.

I normally start my day at our offices in Holywood with a quick meeting with our head of finance and head of production. Communication is crucial in television as schedules, filming and edits change constantly. Getting updates from my team helps me get into trouble-shooting mode.

I’m on the road a lot with work so it’s normally a flight to London or a drive to Dublin to meet broadcasters or talent. I can be down to Dublin twice a week for meetings. When I am driving I try to catch up on calls both work and personal and often have a lot of miscommunication with Siri.

Usually a coffee stop in an Applegreen and quick send of urgent emails.

After meetings I’m straight into the car and back to the office for an afternoon of edit viewings and development meetings. I try to be healthy at lunch time but often I don’t have much time so I do keep a supply of protein bars in various bags and drawers in my desk.

We have three or sometimes four edit suites running concurrently and as managing director of the company I like to review all our programmes before they are sent to commissioning editors. When the editors want to keep me happy they know to bring me a cup of Earl Grey tea.

Research and development is the cornerstone of our company so daily catch ups are crucial with the team.  

I really need to unwind after a busy day and when I can I nip into a yoga class on my way home. I am truly terrible at yoga but I find it helps to just focus on myself for that hour.

Back home it is checking home works and begging my elder son to revise for his A-levels. If I haven’t spoken to my daughter who is at university in Bristol, I will Facetime her. My husband tends to do the cooking during the week otherwise he knows he won’t get fed and although we eat healthy food there is often a glass of wine on the go.

We try to catch up on television shows that we need to be aware of across all the main channels.  

This is more indulgent time and my husband and I have a list of dramas that we stock pile, although I normally only last half an hour before falling asleep.


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