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It’s been another extremely busy few weeks in the world of business, and a mixture of the very positive, with a touch of unease for one of Northern Ireland’s most prominent manufacturers and largest employers.

Oh, and a deal on Brexit could be getting another outing, while outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May will soon leave the front of the political stage and a would-be successor taking up the reins of a stagecoach (keeping up the theme of this idiom) which has been out of control for months, and could still be heading for a ravine in the coming weeks.

A potential deal of sorts should be going before the Commons again soon, in an attempt to get some form of plan in place to ensure the stability of the UK economy as a whole, and that trade can continue unabated (or as impact-free as possible) between Northern Ireland and the Republic.

So, who’s in the running to take up the mantle from Theresa? As I write this, the bookies’ favourite is Boris. Yes, that Boris. The man who was one of the forerunners to the convoluted chaos we’ve now found ourselves in. I think the word chaos applies regardless of whether you voted Remain or Leave – what we’ve had to endure from the powers that be since the referendum in 2016 (yes, almost three years ago) has been nothing short of an horrendous inability and incapability of showing leadership.

June's Ulster Business is another packed magazine, featuring a cover interview with Clare Kelly of the hugely successful high-end co-working space business Glandore, and I speak to Kathryn Thomson of National Museums NI about tightened budgets and developing some of our most-cherished cultural centres into more commercially viable ventures.

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish Sonia Armstrong, Ulster Business manager, farewell and good luck. She’s been with the magazine for almost a decade and it’s been a pleasure working with her over the last year.

So, enjoy this edition. The leviathan that is the Ulster Business Top 100 Northern Ireland Companies 2019 will be keeping me busy in the weeks to come


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