Posted on Monday 29 July 2019 by John Mulgrew

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A major £40m anaerobic digestion plant could soon be built in Belfast, it has emerged.

Plans are now under way for the ‘centralised anaerobic digestion’ plant, which would be based at Giant’s Park close to Dargan Road in north Belfast, and form part of the overall £140m scheme.

It’s thought more than 350 direct and indirect jobs could be created during its construction, with around 22 when the plant becomes operational.

It’s being developed by Dargan Road Biogas, which is owned by energy giant Viridian. The plant will include a bunded tank farm, biogas holder, biogas conditioning system, temperature control system and a waste-water treatment plant.

A full planning application has now been submitted for the scheme. Those behind it say the “significant benefit of the proposed development is that it will contribute to the redevelopment of this former landfill site”.

“The development of the centralised anaerobic digestion facility at this location also has the potential to attract other industrial/business uses to the North Foreshore who seek to avail of the renewable energy (electricity and heat) sources that the facility will generate”.

It says “the project represents a significant capital investment in the local economy (estimated construction cost of £40m) and the creation of around 354 indirect/direct jobs during construction and around 22 operational jobs”.

The overall plan for the £140m development of Giant’s Park was awarded planning permission last year. The new anaerobic digestion scheme will accompany a proposed ‘clean tech’ business hub and the existing Belfast Harbour Film Studios.


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